Mobile architecture as a mean to investigate extreme territories.


On the edge of the known world, extreme landscape fascinate human psyche.
This search for borderline experiences sets itself in modern philosophies like the desire to transgress the norm in place. The investigation of the less habitable lands of the planet challenges notions of shelter, space and permanency; 
it redefines man-nature relationship.


Inspired by biomimetism, the project of the extreme enhances the site’s sublime quality and pays tribute to ingenuity and audacity. Care for performance in relation with the maximal nature of the function exposes a requalification of the nomad habitat; an instrument suggesting reduced scale, more agility and total user control. Ultimately, this investigation tool in situ allows to live direct experiences with nature; achieving extreme point. The contemporary nomad habitation capsule is highly technical and foresees, in its own way, future architecture.

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